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“We shape our homes and then our homes shape us.” – Winston Churchill


Henna Räisänen founded Onni Interiors after she became certified interior designer in 2020. After long career in international business, Henna turned her life-long passion and hobby - interior design - into a profession. Onni name was chosen, as it means “luck”, “happiness” in Finnish, and as our homes greatly influence our happiness and wellbeing.

Growing up in Finland, surrounded by its raw natural beauty and everyday use of practical Scandinavian design icons in homes, established Henna’s love for effortless functionality, visual clarity and sustainability. While living 11 years in Asia, she was influenced by the vibrant colors, numerous patterns, arts, and furniture designs of various Asian cultures. In Asia she learned to view interior spaces from holistic, wellbeing aspect. 

Since 2017 Henna has lived in Europe. She currently resides in Vienna, where she draws further inspirations from its architecture and vibrant art scene. She enjoys taking long walks in beautiful Wienerwald with her husband and dog, Onni.

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